The cement city

by  Lorenzo Linthout

(Source: arqsa)

Johannes Carlsohn

(Source: weissesrauschen)

0 plays My Mistakes Were Made For You The Last Shadow Puppets The Age Of The Understatement

(Before we smash to smithereens)

And in the back room of a bad dream, she came

And whisked me away, enthused

And it’s solid as a rock rolling down a hill
The fact is that it probably will hit something
On the hazardous terrain…

0 plays End Of The World The Living End Modern ARTillery

I can almost see
the end of the world

So give a minute
and I put you in it

But you must never return.

0 plays Cloudlight Eskmo Eskmo

Pieces of sky
Pieces of skylight.

(Source: m-0-r-g-a-n-a)

Voy a pedirle al mar
que devuelva tus sueños muertos
y los castillos que hiciste en la arena

Voy a reconstruir la mirada que vas perdiendo
Para exponerla de nuevo en la calle

La barranca - El síndrome

(Source: minxteens)

caleb charland: "fifteen hours" (2006 - from "demonstrations")

(Source: lucreziaveleno)

20 plays The Fall Rhye Woman

Make love to me
One more time
Before you go away
Why can’t you stay?


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